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Life Under the Sun

Life Under the Sun

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There's a time for everything--just learning when.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheap Children's Festival Fun

We had so much fun today at the St. Albert's Children's Festival. The kids got their faces painted. We all went on the little train, enjoyed listening to singers and storytellers and watching circus performers. The kids also got to take home stickers and coloring pages from the Heritage Museum. All but Lici jumped in the bouncy castle.
We only did the free stuff, none of the ticketed shows or activities, and we still had lots of fun. We were there for three hours! Our sandwiches and apples were quite welcome in the van on the way home (we didn't spend anything on food either).
Since we're busily trying to finish the basement in the next couple of months, so as to meet the permit deadline, we don't have much cash to spare. But then again, we've always tried (usually by necessity) to be super careful with money. It will be so nice to have extra bedrooms, another bathroom, and a family room space. I think it's going to be worth it, though Ernie's stitches a couple weeks ago to repair an injury from a slipped utility knife, were quite the price to pay!
Our time in Edmonton has been such a roller coaster ride, mostly downward, it seems. Yet we've had many blessings as well. One blessing has been God's provision for every need. Not exactly the way I'd envisioned, and yet, He truly has provided.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thanks song

God, I thank you for every word you've said, for Christ who's risen from the dead, and that He died to make me new that I might conquer death too.
Thank you that when I walk with you I find what's true. When I live with you, my life too becomes a different thing, not because of me, becomes a song to sing through all eternity.
Though I ache for more than this world has to give, I'll find a sweeter home in heaven where I can thank you personally for showing me such mercy, for holding me up even when I let go, for making sure I always know I can't get away from you, until there comes the day I never want to.
So my simple thanks I offer, so much less than you deserve, and yet my heart's sincere, for I know you're the source of every blessing, every year, every easy blessing and every painful one, every day I live under the sun.